PG and Research Department of Physics


The growth and development of the Department of Physics, one of the earliest departments of the College, is as follows:B.Sc., Physics Course was started in 1967. MSc Physics Course was started in 2003.The Department of Physics became an approved Research Centre by the Bharathidasan University in 2007. Since the early stage, the Department has had basic infrastructural facilities, like laboratories with all the basic amenities and instruments required. The main objective of the course is to promote Analytical Thinking and research skills in the minds of students, to mould the students to face the multi-faceted world of IT, with physics as the base and engulfing electronicsand to appreciate and apply Basic Physics principles in everyday life.

The department is blended with its tradition and growth in science and technology up to date in various dimensions. The department faculties are operating Major/Minor research projects with the funding of UGC, CSIR and TNSCST. The department had organises Symposiums, Lectures, Workshops and Conferences periodically at National level to ignite the students with the scientific sprit. The department is now emerging as a flourishing centre of research in the field of Crystal Growth, Thin films, Polymers, Material Science and Spectroscopy, with five Major research projects, funded by the UGC, CSIR and TNSCST.

The Department has 14 regular and 1 guest lecturer teaching faculty members to cater the needs of students. All regular teaching faculty members are appointed by Government of Tamil Nadu recruited through TRB. Among them 3 are qualified with NET/SLET, and 11 are Ph.D., holders. The faculty members act as mentors, guiding the students to develop the necessary technical skills and soft skills required to become successful person in the job industry as well as in the society.